Do you get lower back pain in early pregnancy?

Lower back pain early pregnancy is a common problem facing a majority of pregnant women. Pain occurs as a result of the body changes during pregnancy period. However, this should be avoided as much early as possible.

Around 50% to 80% of the pregnant women are suffering Lower back pain during Pregnancy period. Back pain can be experienced due to the bodily changes in an early pregnancy. some serious pregnancy complication also can cause lower back pain in early pregnancy.

Causes of lower back pain in early pregnancy

Why back pain in early pregnancy?

Is lower back pain early pregnancy normal?

These are the questions most of the pregnant women are asking. Lower back pain may start on the first day itself. Due to the loosening of the ligaments on the back can cause back pain in early pregnancy.

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Physiological changes are the main cause of the lower back pain in the first trimester. Usually, this appears by the 11th week of pregnancy, which is the start of Second Trimester. During this period the uterus will become large to remain in the lower abdomen to move into the abdominal cavity.

Because of the rapid growth of the uterus, the supportive ligaments get transformed and stretched. This will make discomfort in the lower back of pregnant women. Increased the level of progesterone hormone also can cause ‘lower back pain in early pregnancy’.

In term of the serious cause of the lower back pain which is affecting in early pregnancy is unsafe too. Pregnant women are always susceptible to diseases. The mother’s organism is restructured that declines the immunity. So, the risk of acquiring the diseases during pregnancy is very high.

When to call your Doctor?

A mild back pain in early pregnancy is common. This is not an issue to call your doctor immediately. But you should be careful and call your doctor or healthcare provider if you are experiencing these symptoms.

  • Sever Back pain
  • Rhythmic Cramping pains (This is a sign of preterm labor)
  • Dark discharge
  • Nagging pain in lower back

Sometimes severe back pain may be associated with osteoporosis, septic arthritis, and osteoarthritis. In case this may be rare, but you can consult with your doctor.

A pregnant woman requires enough sleep and rest during the pregnancy period. She should avoid stress and nervous strain, otherwise, this may lead to severe back pain. Exercise is the best way to relieve the “lower back pain early pregnancy”. Some kind of massage techniques is applicable for pregnant women in these exercises. However, If the back pain continuous, that will affect their normal life. A physiotherapy is advisable by a doctor if the back pain persists for a long time.

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